Medical Complications Cover Declaration

Please complete the form ONLY if you are choosing not to take Medical Complications Cover as per Terms and Conditions of your Acceptance.

To take out Medical Complications Cover please use this link

I will not be taking Global Protective Solutions Cover or another suitable Medical Complications Cover and understand by not taking this cover that I that I have a contingency to pay any and all expenses relating to any or all complications or additional surgery in the event of complications or any covered circumstance under a Medical Complications Cover. I agree that I have made my family/friends/surgery support person aware of how to access said contingency. I agree that A New Life (Brio Travel Pty Ltd) has made me aware in the terms and conditions of acceptance that Medical Complications Coverage is required as part of the approval for surgery. I agree that A New Life (Brio Travel Pty Ltd) will not pay any medical expenses on my behalf nor be held liable for any medical expenses on my behalf.

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