The Mini Gastric bypass procedure was first introduced to the surgical world in 1997 and is a procedure that carries less complications risk than a full gastric bypass (RYGB).  Studies have shown that the procedure itself is much quicker, simpler, and as effective as a full gastric bypass.

What is the difference between the mini and full bypass?

A full gastric bypass (route-en Y gastric bypass) and a mini gastric bypass both work by reducing the amount of food that can be consumed at any given time.  Both procedures fundamentally alter the structure of the stomach and alter gut hormones (specifically Ghrelin).

Some studies have shown that weight loss is as effective (if not marginally better) than a full gastric bypass.  Some of the benefits of a Mini Gastric Bypass include:

  • Recovery time is quicker due to the fact there is less ‘cutting and joining’ involved in the surgery
  • The surgery time is quicker and less invasive
  • Weight loss is the same if not better than a rout-en Y gastric bypass
  • Nearly zero risk of internal hernias


How does it work?

The first step is the stomach is split and a section of the stomach is bypassed. Both divided sections are sealed with a laparoscopic stapler using surgical staples.  The oesophagus is actually no longer attached to the stomach and will no longer take in any food that is eaten.  The new stomach is shaped very similarly to a sleeve stomach.

The procedure bypasses between 0.6 – 2.1 metres of intestines, the remaining intestine is attached to the new stomach.

The food that is eaten now is restricted by the new stomach size and then flows into the remaining intestine to continue the digestive process.


Additional risks with Min-Gastric By Pass

Compared to a Gastric Bypass the main risk is mild to severe acid reflux.  The reason is the new stomach is now connected to the intestines and juices can travel down the intestines and into the new stomach pouch.  If you have severe reflux already, you should indicate this to the surgeon.

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